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Certification by MTTC Exam

In order to teach a subject area in the state of Michigan, you'll need to be certified in the subject area you want to teach. However, if you already have a certificate in the state of Michigan for any subject, there's a shortcut to getting additional certifications. It's called certification by exam.

If, for instance, you're certified to teach high school history and have the necessary credentials for teaching in Michigan, you can take the MTTC Mathematics 8-12 Exam to receive an additional certification in high school mathematics. Once you've passed the certification exam, you will eligible to teach that subject along with subjects for which you have previously been certified, and further courses or exams will probably not be necessary. As with any other MTTC test, prior approval for testing will be needed from the SBEC. Certification by exam is not available in all content areas nor is it available for the following profession-related MTTC exams:

  • Educational Diagnostician
  • Marketing Education 8 - 12
  • Principal
  • Reading Specialist
  • School Counselor
  • School Librarian
  • Superintendent

It may be necessary for you to take more than one content-related exam to qualify for an additional certification, but this will depend on the specific certification desired. For instance, in order to be certified to teach a second language to students, you'll need not only to take the Bilingual Education Supplemental 4-8 Exam but also the Michigan Oral Proficiency Test in the language being taught. However, If you already have a Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities certification for a grade level, you will not need to take additional Pedagogy and Professional Exams for that grade level.

Last Updated: 06/11/2014