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What are the MTTC Exams?

The Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) test is designed to certify the qualifications of teachers in the state of Michigan. The MTTC test is intended to show whether beginning teachers have the proper training and knowledge in their chosen content areas and whether they have the skills and teaching styles that will be required in the classroom. They provide a general knowledge standard by which teachers' qualifications can be measured independently of the performance of other candidates.

Before registering for the MTTC exam, you'll need approval from their Educator Preparation Program. Visit the State Board of Education (SBEC) website to register. On the SBEC website you can create a profile with our personal information in it. Then you'll be given a MTTC ID number. You'll need this ID in order to complete your registration and throughout the testing process. While registering, be sure to have your phone number, street address and e-mail address on hand. In addition to online registration, you can register by mail or by phone.

The test schedule is flexible. At many test centers you can choose morning or afternoon times. Test slots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so it's advisable to register as far in advance as possible.

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Once you're registered, you'll be sent an admission ticket in the mail. This ticket, which will give the time, date and address of the test, should arrive about two weeks in advance of the test date. Alternatively, you can get your ticket from the SBEC website. When you go to the testing location to take the exam, be sure you have the ticket with you. You'll need to present it in order to get in.

MTTC Test Review You'll be required to pay a testing fee when you register. The fee can be paid using Discover, VISA, MasterCard or American Express credit or debit cards. It can also be paid with a check or money order. If you have to cancel, you can receive a refund up to three days before the test, but you'll have to pay a $30 refund fee. No refunds will be given for candidates who are late or fail to show up for the test. So unless you can afford to forfeit the fee, don't be late!

When you arrive at the testing location for the exam, you'll need a photo ID with your signature on it. The name on the ID MUST MATCH THE NAME YOU GAVE WHEN REGISTERING! If it doesn't, you'll be turned away without a refund.

Test results will be mailed to candidates. To see a schedule of these mailings, check the SBEC website. If the test is multiple choice, results should arrive in two to three weeks, but tests requiring a written response will take at least a week longer. Once again, check the SBEC website for the schedule.

Scores will be in the range 100 to 300. To pass, a score of at least 240 is required. The Official Score Report mailed to candidates will include information on what the results mean and how the report should be read.

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Last Updated: 06/11/2014